Send Text From Internet, Is It Safe?

May be we all already know whatever it is, if it’s on the internet, it isn’t private anymore. So we need to do internet safety, but why? Because every people that use the internet, could be at risk of illegal activity or abuse such as cyber bullying or another fraud even more serious. The internet

Internet Texting Is Very Helpful? I Guess Not Anymore

I would have to say that internet is one of the biggest and the best inventions of today. Nowadays in our daily life, internet has become an important module because it will be hard if there is no internet. Internet really can make life more easier than ever, why not? You can shop, discuss with

Why You Must Doing Broadband Speed Test?

Broadband is the term of sending and receiving data process through the systems of telecomunication networks at high speed internet access. Broadband is always on across a single channel and it faster than the traditional dial-up access. Most people in this world now using broadband to access the internet because it’s more faster. Because the

Easy Deal With Facebook Bullying

Facebook is the most social networking site that make people could connect and keep in touch all over the world. People can seen your activities on Facebook all over the world which could make you popular, you can also promote your business all over the world with free on Facebook. However there are disadvantages thing’s

What To Do If Your Child Is an Actor Of Cyberbullying?

How if your child is not a victim of cyberbullying but an actor of it? This is good or bad? Of course this is not a good thing because this means your child always harass others which the victim could be get depression and lead them to commit with suicide on extreme cases. So please

What To Do If Your Child Is a Victim Of Cyberbullying

On my previous post, I wrote about how can we know whether our child is being cyberbullying or doing cyberbullying here. On this post, after you know that’s your child is the victim, you need to reaction fast and doing some tips below. You need to talk to your child about their life at school,

Is Your Child Being Cyberbullying Or Doing Cyberbullying?

Who doesn’t know with bullying? This is not a new phenomenon! Bullying is between a person who have power and not that caused imbalance of power. This imbalance power uses by person who have the power to intimidate another person who are weaker. Usually the goal of bullying is to make embarass person who are