Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Internet Connection

Nowadays in the modern age of technology, we can access the internet anywhere and wherever we go. It is because there are smartphones, tablet PC’s, PDA’s and so on  that we can carry it everywhere and of course we can access the internet very easy, we just paid to the providers of the telecommunication that we use to get the internet services. Or we can use laptops, netbooks, notebooks and use the flash drive modem that we can carry it too every where we go because the flash drive modem is just like a mobile phone but special only for accessing the internet to the laptops or desktop computers.

Free wireless internet

Free wireless internet

Also we can accessing the internet everywhere we go to the public area that has a wireless internet connection if our gadgets have a wifi facility. On this article, I want to share with you about the wireless internet connection. I want to share how if you using this type of internet connection in your house beside using LAN modem. Here is the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless internet connection at your house.

The advantages if you are using a wireless internet connection in your house is: you can connect to the internet wherever you want in your house if the wireless cover the entire area of your house. You can use whatever your gadgets if they have a wifi facility to connecting the internet. It’s different if you use LAN modem which must using the cable LAN, so you cannot go everywhere you like to accessing the internet in your house area, you must close to the cable LAN. If your friends come to your house and bring their laptops or something else that have a wifi facility, they can accessing the internet from your wireless internet connection too, so your friends can enjoy surfing the internet at your house. It’s different if you use LAN modem, your friends cannot enjoy surfing internet with you.

But the disadvantages is: the speed of internet connection from wireless is not as fast as if you connecting the internet using LAN modem. Moreover if they are many walls in your house, the signal strength will be weak so this affects the internet speed. Also if your friends come to your house bring gadgets that have a wifi facility and accessing the internet from your wireless internet connection while you are using too, the speed will more decrease.

However, anything has the advantages and disadvantages, but you must think wisely, what is your purposes. If you are never mind with the speed but want to be accessing the internet everywhere you like in your entire house area, then you need the wireless internet connection. If you need the speed, then I suggest you to not using the wireless internet connection. The choice is yours!

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